October 19th, 2012

Mission Statement?

This post isn’t about unmanned aerial systems, cyber threats, or other tech issues but I think the opening paragraph summarizes what drives a lot of my own interests in those areas.

Last week I wrote about a pattern I’ve been seeing, one for which I wanted to create a new term. I’m still working on the terminology issue, but the pattern is basically this:

1) A new technology highlights something about our society (or ourselves) that makes us uncomfortable.
2) We don’t like seeing this Uncomfortable Thing, and would prefer not to confront it.
3) We blame the new technology for causing the Uncomfortable Thing rather than simply making it more visible, because doing so allows us to pretend that the Uncomfortable Thing is unique to practices surrounding the new technology and is not in fact out in the rest of the world (where it absolutely is, just in a less visible way).

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    I did a presentation in my audio culture class on how technologies used to scare me until I started thinking about more...
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